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If you are an



An entrepreneur looking to start-up in the constantly growing HR field. We are helping you to convert your dream into reality. Our versatile HRMS script enables you to get started together with your website and mobile apps with a lightweight and sturdy code structure, superior admin dashboards, effective analytics panels, and many others.

IT Company/Consultant

IT Company/Consultant

An IT Company or Consultant looking to buy our product and deliver it to your client as your own white-labeled solution. Or an IT business owner or supplier wants to add one more product which can be integrated with existing products and looking to revolutionize current business operations and give your customers the ease of managing HR and Payroll i.e., employees through an app.



If you are an Enterprise and seen IT project failure and now you want to develop and maintain HR and Payroll projects in-house we can help you providing ready software with source code and give you proper support to make your project a success.

We are your technology partner, helping you in every step as your back end team.

You’ve come to right place! What we have here is completely white-labelled venture-in-a-box!

We know that our customers are Entrepreneurs and keeping them succeeding is what will make us stronger. We will take care of everything for you, leaving you to do what you do best, Win!

Sales & Marketing

We will provide you with all the documents related to Sales and Marketing which are ready in the Sales toolkit. We can also guide Sales and Marketing strategies if need it. Our Sales toolkit contains Presentations, Demo related documents, Sample Screens, Sample Reports, System Deployment Requirement Specifications, Proposal formats, Agreements and set of documents you can sign off with clients.

Team Training

We will train your team. Training will cover product functional knowledge transfer, technical knowledge transfer, setup and deployment of product, sales, and marketing related training, Customer support training, customer retention training

Brand Website

We can design and develop the brand website with your logo and choice. We already have all the content related to product and services so we can give you right product website.

White Label/Rebrand

We will white label complete software solution i.e., Web Application, Mobile Apps, Supporting Windows Apps and all other deliverables including sales and marketing material with your logo and brand name.


We can custom code for you as per your requirements. Sometimes it is obvious if you are looking for the different country then as per the territory we have to change the legal compliance, language, and currency.


We can help you with your vision of integration of multiple kinds such as device integrations, legacy application integrations, your existing product integrations, ERP integrations, CRM integrations or any third party app integration. Our technical staff got all expertise in the field of integration with HRMS.

Technical Support

Being your technology partner we will help you all the way of Technical support which includes handling technical questions faced by sales and marketing team, explaining application architecture and code to your developers, application deployment or setup at client place or deployment over web and cloud and in any other areas where technical things involved we can help you.

Functional Support

We will give you not only the product knowledge or features guide i.e., how it works in application but also will give the domain knowledge and logic behind the modules we have created. Functionality understanding will minimize a lot of your customization jobs because if you can explain function in better way client can match with their current operation and fit their requirements in a better way.

Documentation Support

Documentation support will cover all the product user manuals, implementation guide, agreements, certificates you can sign-offs from the client such as on every change of requirements, new development, on-site visits etc... We have an online knowledge base which we are constantly updating which you can use for your knowledge bank. We also provide the youtube channel which you can refer and ask your new team members to get trained online.

Web & Cloud Automation

Web and cloud automation is making HRMS online or entering into a cloud or SaaS business model. We have the expertise to deploy HRMS on any cloud i.e., Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM or other private Clouds and E-commerce for SaaS business where the user can buy a subscription from product website and setting up their application account automatically in the background. Complete cloud setup includes setting up a company website, payment gateway integrations, managing customers i.e., CRM to manage bills, tickets etc... and creating an instance for each new client.

Web App Development

Web development covers adding new modules in the admin account of the web application or modifying the existing features of the web application. We can also upgrade your web version as per your requirements.

Mobile App Development

We have a mobile application development team who can customize your mobile apps or can do other mobile application development for you. Mobile App team will also give you support to all your mobile related queries.


We have started ourself as a Startup before 7 years and we have experienced all the stages of Startup or an Entrepreneurship and followed the way of "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish". We can understand you as a startup and help in every phase from start until the phases of investment. We can help you to design your pitch and building the vision.

SEO & Digital Marketing

We can associate with the right agencies who are partnered with Google and help to make your brand visible across the globe.

Annual Maintenance

We can take care of all your back-end support such as development, execution and online support with your brand name to your clients so that you can focus on business development and be the winner of the journey. Starting from day one we can have annual maintenance contracts with time and material or fixed cost basis to manage everything with our team.